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“World=Mess. How to Fix? The collective intelligence of the brightest minds in tech, science and art”

1E9, Forum der Zukunft of by 1E9 at Deutsches Museum, Munich: July 6 – 9, 2023,

On July 6, 2023, The Data Tank workshopped at an event hosted by 1E9 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich called “Festival for the Future – World=Mess. How to Fix.” The festival served as a hub for thought leaders, startup founders, leading investors, scientist, and artists, converging from many fields to explore recent advancements in AI, Life Sciences, Energy, Mobility, ClimateTech, cutting-edge technology, and much more.

The Festival attendees were a very diverse group. 1E9 is “Denkfabrik für die Zukunft: Magazin, Community und Events rund um neue Technologien wie Künstliche Intelligenz, Elektromobilität, Dezentralisierung, IoT, Virtual Reality, Biotech oder Raumfahrt.” (“Think tank for the future: magazine, community, and events related to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, electromobility, decentralization, IoT, virtual reality, biotech or space travel.”). In other words: techie and future-focused.

The Data Tank joined in this think and do (much like us), and frankly fascinating, atmosphere in a workshop called “The Future of Data Collaboration”.

The workshop, led by The Data Tank’s (left to right) Wim De Waele, Julia Stamm, Laura Sandor, and Alvaro Guijarro May, highlighted The Data Tank’s approaches to harnessing the potential of data re-use for societal benefit, in particular our Data Stewardship and Social License Lab programs.

Attendees were presented with one of two headlines from a recent current event:

  • Too many workers, or too few: India’s colossal employment challenge
  • United states cities like Chicago inhaling worst air caused by Canadian wildfires.

These headlines served as the focal point of breakout groups discussions, where individuals talked about the role data plays in each event. Participants came up with ways to re-use data with the specific events. By understanding the data landscape surrounding these events, participants further explored the ways data re-use could be harnessed to solve each issue.

The workshop generated support for The Data Tank’s programs and forward-thinking approach. It also helped to continue establishing The Data Tank as a leading force in the data re-use and analytics field, and strengthening partnerships with current and future stakeholders. The Data Tank is committed to playing an active role in shaping a future that leverages the power of re-using data while upholding ethical standards and ensuring transparency. Participation in events like the 1E9 at the Forum der Zukunft are critical for the discussion and implementation of data re-use, and expanding the role data re-use will play in World=Mess. How to Fix? and more.

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