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Understanding and Seizing the Opportunities of the Digital Revolution

It may sound clichė after hearing it so many times, but in a world where technology is endlessly transforming the way we live, work, and interact, it is crucial to understand not only the drawbacks but also the opportunities that the digital revolution offers. Montreal Connect, an annual conference held in Montreal, Canada, hosted by Montreal Digital Springs, aims to do just that. With its focus on exploring the transformative power of technology and data, Montreal Connect provides a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to come together and share insights, experiences, and ideas. With the advent of smart cities (cities that use data to make responsible decisions), data has become a critical resource for city planners, policymakers, and urban developers. This conference allowed for experts across various disciplines to share their perspectives on how data can transform urban spaces and improve quality of life. These discussions touch upon topics such as urban mobility, sustainable architecture, and citizen engagement. Through its workshops, discussions, and interviews, Montreal Connect provides a unique environment for understanding the opportunities that this revolution presents.

The Data Tank’s CEO Julia Stamm and Program Manager Laura Sandor presented a workshop on Using Data Differently: Towards a Social License. During this hands-on workshop, participants were first asked to reflect on data related-challenges or barriers in their own work and/or environment. From there, attendees were then introduced to the “Question Lab”, a critical first step for the establishment of successful data re-use projects. This exercise focused on honing attendees’ ability to ask the right questions that are needed to solve a issue they are experiencing. From these questions, participants were then asked on how data could be leveraged to answer/solve these questions. This introductory workshop aimed to help set the stage to frame impactful questions that can then be used as a basis to implement participatory frameworks and data collaboratives to co-develop effective solutions.

By fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, Montreal Connect aims to catalyze the development of data-driven solutions that enhance urban environments and make cities more livable, inclusive, and responsive. One of the side highlights of Montreal Connect was The Data Tank’s representation in the Belgium delegation. This collaboration between Montreal and Brussels, The Data Tank’s home office, continues to bring together experts from both regions to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge, serving as a bridge between cities, tech ecosystems and facilitating possible partnerships.

In addition to the interesting workshops and discussions, a notable moment of the MTL Connect conference was the The Data Tank’s interview with Le Lien MULTIMEDIA – QUI fait Quoi, where The Data Tank was provided the opportunity to present its mission and programs.

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