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Youth Engagement and Data Re-Use for Determining Access to Services

NextGenData is about building a future where data serves youth, and youth guide the use of data. 

 An initiative of the Data Tank, NextGenData is a a global, transformative partnership where youth are not mere bystanders but active participants in shaping data’s role in service provision. Working with our partner organisations across the globe, NextGenData is pioneering a new approach to youth engagement in the field of data and service provision.

Our project has three key pillars:

Youth Engagement

Through the use of youth assemblies, young people aged 19-24 will be actively involved in the program to ensure their voices are respected and integrated to leverage data effectively and improve access to services. 

Shaping Data

When harnessed responsibly, data re-use has the potential to address the challenges of today. We want to ensure data re-use practices can be implemented to improve services in a way that is ethical, efficient and youth-centric.

Co-Designing Tomorrow’s Services

Exploring fields such as mental health and employment services, NextGenData data will foster collaboration between youth and key stakeholders to ensure that data can guide innovative new strategies for service delivery.

Our Partners:

NextGenData is a collaborative project between the Data Tank and our experienced partner organisations across the globe:

Tanzania Data Lab

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Consiliul Național al Tineretului din Moldova

Chișinău, Moldova

SOS Children’s Village

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Mumbai, India

A global outlook on data re-use

NextGenData is a global initiative, working to address the challenges for the youth of today from Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, India and Tanzania.

Why Youth Assemblies?

NextGenData is pioneering a new approach to youth engagement in the field of data and service provision. By organizing youth assemblies, we create dynamic platforms where young people can actively participate in shaping how data is collected and used. These assemblies are not only forums for discussion; they are incubators for innovative ideas and practices. Here, youth are empowered to voice their perspectives, collaborate with experts, and co-design solutions for the data-driven challenges affecting their access to services. 

The NextGenData program is possible thanks to support from our funder, Fondation Botnar.
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