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How should data stewards support collective and participatory data governance practice?

Brussels, Belgium: March 22, 2023

The GovLab and new non-profit The Datatank have launched a conversation about the job specification for a re-imagined data stewardship role. They argue that ‘Data Stewards’ are a much-needed role in both public and private organisations, operating to maximise re-use of data in the public interest, and are inviting feedback on a revised Data Steward job specification.

In this post I look at the feedback that a collective and participatory data governance frame might offer.

The draft job spec covers a number of areas from ‘audit, assessment and governance’, through to ‘internal coordination and data operations’. It also includes a heading on ‘Partnership and community engagement’, where it suggests, amongst other things, that a data steward should:

  • “Establish and operate a policy of transparency and active engagement to foster trust between the organization and data-producing customers and communities
  • Establish procedures and engagement models in order to create and sustain an organization’s social license for data re-use
  • Keep partners and beneficiaries informed and up-to-date on insights generated from data initiatives


  • Help establish a “social license” for data re-use”

Read the complete piece https://connectedbydata.org/blog/2023/03/22/data-stewards-paticipatory-governance

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