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Data Stewardship Program

We must strive to become good ancestors.

Ralph nader (activist, author, lecturer)

Data Stewardship. Unlocking data for the common good, every single day.

At the moment, the idea of Data Stewardship is largely limited to security and quality. ‘Data protection officers’ police unauthorized access. ‘Chief Data Officers’ focus on the internal use of data, making sure it meets set standards. The context is restrictive, determined to silo and shield data because of its commercial value.

We see the role of Data Stewards very differently.  They are proactive. They take the lead in identifying questions and challenges where data can add valuable insights. They spot the gaps where vital data is missing and should be collected.

They are focused and strategic. They only gather data that is relevant to the issue in hand, and to what the common good needs. They won’t collect data for the sake of it or leave it unused on servers that add to our carbon footprint.

They are trusted enablers. They create an environment where everyone is confident that the data they share will be reused in responsible ways. Ways that go beyond self-interest and secrecy, and contribute to the greater good.  

What we’re doing about it

Read Wanted: Data Stewards — Drafting the Job Specs for A Re-imagined Data Stewardship Role by The Data Tank’s Co-founder and Principal Scientific Advisor Dr Stefaan Verhulst to get a better idea of the role of the Data Steward.

We will have a range of courses and programs to develop competencies for the new Data Steward role. You can choose whether to use these resources in – house or take part in one of our external programs.

This work will be the foundation for a new professional body for Data Stewardship, which will enjoy the same standing and legal status as chartered institutes in other disciplines.

If you’re interested in creating a new Data Steward role for your organization, or want to develop the skills of the Stewards working with you already, contact us now about our training: info@datatank.org

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