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Data ReSet: Fostering a New Culture of Data Stewardship

October 26, 2023

Paulina Behluli, Alvarro Guijarro May, Stefaan Verhulst, Julia Stamm, Moiz Shaikh, Laura Sandor, Elena Murray, Natalia Meijia Pardo, Charles Kinney

The Data Tank (TDT) aims to bring together experts from various fields to explore the importance of data stewardship and promote a new culture around data re-use. The Berlin launch event, Data ReSet: Fostering a New Culture of Data Stewardship, did just that. The event, organized by The Data Tank (TDT) in cooperation with Stiftung Mercator and Robert Bosch Stiftung, included interactive data re-use exercises and social networking opportunities to encourage collaboration and shared learning among participants.

Carla Hustedt

Julia Stamm

The event took place in Stiftung Mercator’s conference space located in the heart of Berlin. After an opening from Stiftung Mercator’s Carla Hustedt and TDT’s CEO Dr Julia Stamm, Staatssekretärin Britta Behrendt, Senatsverwaltung für Mobilität, Verkehr, Klimaschutz und Umwelt, gave the keynote address. Ms Behrendt opened by highlighting the growing importance of data in climate change and mitigation, and stressed the need for a cultural shift towards responsible data management. She emphasized the potential benefits of data re-use and the importance of promoting a collaborative environment that values and re-uses data. Ms Behrendt said, 

What lies before us is a common journey of government, parliament, science, civil society and developers and of new and data-driven technologies. But in these challenges we find opportunities. One opportunity is in the intelligent use/re-use of data. The responsible and sustainable use of data opens to innovative, environmentally-friendly policy decision. In essence, we can make data our ally in the fight for a sustainable future. The insights and analyses generated by The Data Tank will empower policymakers, businesses and decision takes, to make informed decision, pathing the way for policies that mitigate climate change and simulate the growth of sustainable industries. 

Britta Behrendt

Following the keynote address, participants divided into smaller groups for interactive “headline” data re-use exercises. Each group was provided with real-world headlines. The exercise aimed to stimulate creativity by challenging participants to identify innovative ways of re-using data. They explored novel ways of leveraging data to address real-world challenges. Dr Stefaan Verhulst, The Data Tank’s Co-founder and Principal Scientific Advisor, provided roundup of the activity, followed by insight from Jessica Bither of Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Paulina Behluli, Stefaan Verhulst
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Jessica Bither

Alvaro Guijarro, Natalia Meija Pardo, Laura Sandor

One of the key points of the Data ReSet was the launch of the ThinkAndDo Network (TADNet) by Dr Verhulst. TADNet is designed to be a community of individuals who want to unlock data’s potential for the public benefit by pooling ideas and adopting best practices. This initial introduction is an operational phase where real-world participants can give feedback during the launch period. Data ReSet also recognized the significance of networking and socializing in cultivating a culture of data stewardship. The event included dedicated social networking, allowing participants to connect with like-minded individuals and build ongoing relationships beyond the event.

As Data ReSet wrapped up, there was that sense of enthusiasm and connectedness that happens when like-minded people meet each other. The event successfully encouraged participants to rethink their approach to data stewardship and responsible data re-use. The interactive exercises and social networking opportunities provided insights and connections, encouraging participants to become advocates for responsible data management. Data ReSet: Fostering a New Culture of Data Stewardship brought together experts and enthusiasts from diverse fields to explore the potential of responsible data re-use. The event served as a catalyst for promoting a new culture of data stewardship, encouraging participants to embrace the responsible re-use of data and driving the future of data management.

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