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2023 in Review

Serving the Common Good Together, by Using Data Differently

Well, well, well, 2023 has come to an end, and what a year it has been for The Data Tank.

As we bid adieu to this eventful year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the activities that have kept us driven and directed.

First off, a hearty well-done to the rebuilt website, https://datatank.org/, the exploratory launch of the ThinkAndDoNet Community, and The Data Tank team. Our activities have been wide and varied as we ventured out in our inaugural year. We’ve hosted discussions and workshops, turning data enthusiasts into data re-use enthusiasts. 

So, as we bid adieu to 2023 and welcome 2024, we raise a glass (or a data chart) to The Data Tank. Here’s to a future filled with even more data-re-use-driven research, insights and discussions, and of course, a few surprises, as we continue to serve the common good together, by using data differently.

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